Stick Rpg guide no cheats – How do I get the Skateboard?

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Give the smokes to the kid on the corner and he’ll give it to you. What would happen if you give the kid too many smokes? You’ll find out.

Stick RPG 2

Stick RPG 2

How do I hotwire the car?
You need 350 intelligence to hotwire the car in front of your house.

How do I get the sports car?
You must have the hot-wired yellow car, and then play the game for 365 “stick” days.

After I ger the sports car, are there any other bonuses?

Where do I purchase Real Estate?

In the bank.

What are the different Real Estates and what new items can I get when I purchase them?

  • Bigger Apartment (Allows you to buy the Circuit Breaker 5000 Computer)
  • Penthouse Suite (Allows you to buy the Behemoth-Vision TV and Deep Freeze)
  • Mansion (Allows you to buy the Stick-Fitness Treadmill, StickChoice Satellite System, Stick-o-Pedia Xgenica, and the Suds’n’Bubbles Minibar)
  • Castle (No new items)

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Stick Rpg guide no cheats

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Stick Rpg guide no cheats

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Hình ảnh thu nhỏHow do I sell Commodities? To sell commodities, you must travel to different cities to make the deals. In order to get to other cities from the Bus Depot, the clock must be fully white. To get the clock fully white, you must have the CD Alarm Clock and caffeine pills. Next, you must buy the cell phone. Once you are... [Đọc Thêm]

Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Fighting your enemies

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Hình ảnh thu nhỏWarehouse (yellow enemies) Get enough high strength to challenge the drunk in the bar on the second island. He drops the warehouse key. Go to the warehouse next to your basement apartment. You have to kill all the yellow enemies. Afterwards you get $500 and a strength bonus. Mobster Tower (black enemies) Fight and beat the two mobsters outside Vinnie’s at night. They drop... [Đọc Thêm]

Stick Rpg 2 Walkthrough – Screwdrivers

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Hình ảnh thu nhỏScrewdriver 1 – Give the drunk guy near the apartments at night an old hot dog from the store. He’ll give you a screwdriver. – Give the screwdriver to the thief by the corporate building to get some cash, negative karma and coca. Screwdriver 2 – Fight and beat the three mobsters outside the penthouse apartment at night. They drop the screwdriver. – Same result... [Đọc Thêm]